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Tips for a healthy you!

What is the point of a fruit infuser water bottle? Here at Fruitsense we hear that all the time. Besides for adding the rich flavors of your favorite fruits to your water, you are actually doing a huge favor for your body. Each fruit contains nutrients that give you superpowers to tackle your day and that is exactly what we will be talking about in this Blog. Let's get started!

  • Lemon - With it's tangy flavor comes a great dose of vitamin c, aids digestion, improves skin quality, and can even help you on your weight loss journey. With it's high availability in nearly every region, lemons are the perfect way to start!
  • Watermelon - The fruit that everybody loves can lower inflammation, Improve your heart health, and is great for your silky smooth hair! putting the benefits aside I go with watermelon just for it's incredible taste!
  • Strawberry - This little beauty of a fruit can lower your blood pressure, increase good cholesterol and is absolutely packed with fiber and antioxidants! Strawberry infused water will make all your coworkers stare in jealousy!
  • Kiwi - This immunity boosting, sickness preventing, vision protecting power fruit is an obvious solution to your boring water problem. With its great taste and sexy look it's hard to say no.
  • Mint - Fresh mint is a personal favorite. Besides for keeping your breath fresh throughout the day, mint has incredible anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties sure to keep you safe during cold and flu season. Adding a bit of lemon to your mint infused water will surely keep you healthier than all your peers!

Here we went through just a short list of some healthy ways to start your day with your new Fruitsense fruit infusion water bottle. You will no longer have a boring drink and you will start to see your health slowly building up and becoming stronger all while promoting hydration!

Stay hydrated, the healthy way - Fruitsense

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